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Tupelo Comic Con is an annual family friendly event focusing on the arts, comics, video games, and all things geek. In this Pokemon tournament, welcome and invite all Pokemon Trainers of all skill levels, age, and so on to participate and battle it out for the title of top Trainer! While this is a competitive event, newer players shouldn’t feel overwhelmed; this is a great tournament to get your feet wet in the world of competitive Pokemon, and more importantly, meet new friends within the Pokemon community! We hope to see all Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and more southern Trainers there! Parents of young Pokemon Trainers are also encouraged to join in the fun; Pokemon is a game for all ages to bond over and enjoy!


The Pokemon Midseason Showdown will feature a $100+ cash prize pot, and various participation prizes, which are TBD. Winners and those who place highly in the tournament will also earn Championship Points, which go toward the official leaderboard and an invite to play at the Pokemon 2017 World Championships in Anaheim, California. For more information on this tournament and the Championship Point payout, check the official website (links provided below).


Pokemon Tournament Information for Parents (What to Expect): http://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/about/parents-guide/


Midseason Showdown Information for New Players and Parents:



Official Pokemon.com Tournament Listing: https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/pokemon-events/17-04-000005/


Listed below are the detailed Tournament Rules and Procedures. Trainers are encouraged to read and follow these thoroughly so that the tournament runs smoothly and quickly.


How to Prepare for the Tournament:

- Players must properly update their 3DS and Pokemon Sun and Moon software before entering.

- Players must download the 2017 Championship Rules from the Battle Spot in their Festival Plaza before entering.

- Players must empty each of their Battle Team boxes, and put the team they will be using in their first Battle Team box. Players must also empty their party except for one Pokemon.

- Players are encouraged to print and fill out a Team Sheet. You may download a teamsheet here (link). The stats that you input on the team sheet should match the stats at the Pokemon’s current level.

- Players should have and know their Player ID. This is NOT your trainer ID within the game; you must have a Pokemon.com account. Here is a quick tutorial on where to get your Player ID: http://secondcitygym.com/player-information/how-to-get-a-pokemon-player-id-online


Battle Rules:

- The tournament will be played under the official 2017 Championship Rules.

- Only Pokemon Sun and Moon Versions are allowed.

- Double Battle format. Players will choose 4 of their 6 Pokemon to battle in each match.

- Each round will consist of Best of 3 matches. The first player to win 2 battles in a round wins.

- Item Clause: no two Pokemon may hold the same held item.

- Players will battle under "Your Time," which is a chess-like timer system. Each player is given 10 minutes to select their moves, with 45 seconds for each turn. Should a player's timer hit zero, that player loses.

- Players will have 50 minutes to complete their Best of 3 matches. Should a match go over the allotted time, tiebreakers and additional rules will come into effect under strict judge supervision.


Pokemon Restrictions:

- Species Clause: no two Pokemon may have the same Pokedex Number.

- Only Pokemon in the Alola Region Pokedex are allowed, except for Zygarde, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, Magearna, and any unreleased Pokemon.

- Only Pokemon caught, hatched, or obtained in Pokemon Sun and Moon versions are allowed. Players may check whether or not their Pokemon is allowed by finding the "black plus sign" in the summary screen.

- Only Alolan forms are allowed. For example, Ninetales must be an Ice/Fairy-type and not a Fire-type, Exeggutor must be a Grass/Dragon-type, etc.

- Mega Stones and Mega Evolution are banned.

- Players may use Z-Moves and Z-Crystals.

- Pokemon levels will be scaled up (if the Pokemon is under level 50) or down (if the Pokemon is over level 50) to level 50 for the duration of the tournament.

- Nicknames will be shown during the tournament. Players may not name their Pokemon to match another Pokemon species’s name (e.g., naming a Pikachu “Charizard”), may not give their Pokemon the same nickname as another Pokemon on their team, and may not give their Pokemon inappropriate and/or offensive nicknames.


Tournament Procedures:

- Players will be separated into three age divisions: Junior (10 and under), Senior (11-14), and Master (15 and up).

- During registration, a QR code will be scanned to lock the players’ Battle Team, meaning Pokemon cannot be moved, traded, or given different held items for the duration of the tournament.

- Players will use the Live Competition option at the Start menu, under Mystery Gift and Continue. During battle, players will be required to align both 3DS systems’ Infrared Ports to communicate with the other player.

NOTE: 2DS users will be allowed to lift their systems to select their moves or utilize some method of judge-approved screen protection. However, the IR ports must be aligned for the battle to progress, and failure to realign IR ports will result in a game or round loss.

- If, at any point during the tournament, the player selects “Cancel Participation,” that player will be unable to rejoin the tournament and will therefore be disqualified instantly. Players may restart their games, play the game normally, or turn off their systems between rounds, as long as they do not press Cancel Participation. This option should only be selected if the player wishes to be dropped from the tournament or after the tournament is concluded. Cancel Participation will unlock the player’s Battle Team.

- If, at any point during the tournament, the team sheet that the player has registered with does not match their battle team, penalties such as round losses and removal of the offending Pokemon will occur. Random hack checks will also be performed between rounds. Players are strongly encouraged to proofread their team sheets to ensure that no errors are made, such as registering a Porygon2 as a Porygon-Z and changing the order of moves.


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