Tupelo Titans Throwdown

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Tupelo Comic Con is proud to present Tupelo Titans Throwdown! This will be a high level regional tournament featuring many southern Sm4sh pros and a big $1,500 Pot Bonus for Smash Wii U Singles! Pre Registration, Tournament Rules, and Payouts can be found at:


Pros Confirmed So Far

FATALITY(GA), Ryo(FL), Saj(FL), Sol(FL), Sonido(MS), Ketsen(TN), Thundersz(AL), Dr. NGU (MS)

$20 Venue Fee (Tupelo Comic Con admission) gives you access to the entire TCC.
$5 discount off Venue for bringing a FULL set up (refunded at door)

Featured Game Tournaments:

Smash Bros Wii U Singles ($10 Entry)
Smash Bros Wii U Doubles ($20 Entry per team)
Smash Bros Wii U Crew Battles (Free to Enter)
Pokemon Sun and Moon! (Free to Enter)
Mario Kart 8 (Free to Enter)
Rocket League (Free to Enter)

Rules and information for the Tupelo MidSeason Showdown Pokemon Tournament please click on the link below:


More games to TBD at a future date!

Schedule: TBD

Stream Services are provided by Team DRX https://www.twitch.tv/team_drx

If you have any question contact Ray Hilmus (662) 701-7966 or Josh Holsenback (662) 523-8499


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